Monday, March 19, 2007

Adaptable Crock Pot or Slow Cooker Recipes

A number of the recipes here at 'Cooking in a Basket' are aimed at people living in difficult conditions where ingredients are scarce and who may have little or no money to enable them to eat more than simple maize and beans each day.

However, 'Cooking in a Basket' is also trying to encourage people living in more affluent circumstances to use Cooking Baskets or hay boxes, too. And for this reason, 'Cooking in a Basket' also includes a wide variety of recipes to try and suit a variety of tastes and pockets.

More experienced cooks and those with access to a good variety of ingredients might also find a little extra recipe inspiration for their Cooking Baskets at crock-pot and slow cooker websites such as Busy Cooks, A Crock Cook and others.

With a little suitable adaptation many crock pot or slow cooker recipes should also work well in a Cooking Basket. Adam (see Comment under Call for More Recipes) says that his White Chilli recipe is one that he has already adapted from use with his crock pot and he is also encouraging his crock pot friends to try out using a Cooking Basket, too.

Please don't forget to let us know how you get on and which recipes work particularly well (or not, as the case may be).....And don't forget to keep sending in your recipes so that we can share them here at 'Cooking in a Basket'.


Nikki said...

Cool blog. I googled this when trying to find info about hay baskets without really knowing anything about them. Will definitely be back.

Cooking in a Basket said...

Hi Nikki, Nice to have you around. If you haven't already found it yet, there's a good link with the history and background of hay boxes at
If you know of any more it would be great if you could also post them in.